Blockchain Incredible Party

BIP001: “Crypto Winter Edition” took place on 5th of July, 2019, in Odessa, Ukraine
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The BIP001 Conference aims at establishing close levels of contact with people who are deeply involved in the blockchain industry.

We're already holding it for the eighth time, and we deliberately limit the number of participants (a maximum of 90 attendees) so that all of the delegates get the chance to meet each other, and to have a fruitful meeting.

From the outset we've laid down the following principles for the conference:



July 4
Pre-party. Starts at 20:00
July 5
Conference at M1 Club Hotel, Lidersovskiy blvd, 1, the 6th floor, Prosecco Bar


Registration & welcome coffee
Conference opening remarks
Pavel Kravchenko
Gordon Einstein
Possibility of long-term storage of data in a trustless environment
Andreas Petersson
Broke: "blockchain". Woke: "timechain"
Giacomo Zucco
Panel Discussion: Lightning Network
Alena Vranova
Vojtech Simetka
Thomas Voegtlin
Alex Petrov
Timothy Lewis
Financial Internet
Pavel Kravchenko
Sora, the Decentralized Autonomous Economy
Makoto Takemiya
Bitcoin as economy evolution
Alex Petrov
Advanced tricks in Solidity development
Oleksii Matiiasevych
Coffee break
Panel Discussion: "How is the digitization of real assets shaping the future?"
Pavel Kravchenko
Nicolas Cary
Tone Vays
Dmitry Chirun
Sriram Venkataraman
Hartej Sawhney
Deploying Custom State Machines with Cosmos
Michael Sofaer
xDai and the dawn of stablechains
Igor Barinov
Secret topic
Gordon Einstein
Conference closing remarks
Pavel Kravchenko
Gordon Einstein
Roof Top Networking & live music
Ibiza open air night club. Little Big concert
Ibiza night club. Arkadia beach, Central Alley
July 6
Lunch. Starts at 13:00
Blockchain Meetup with Giacomo Zucco. #bip001 Edition.
Starts at 16:00. Impact Hub Odessa. Grecheskaya Street, 1A, 2nd floor, “Amsterdam” hall
Anastasia Sapozhkova

If you want to buy ticket — please contact the organizer
Please read the principles of BIP001 here


BIP001 is the place to meet the real experts and doers in the blockchain space. Active participants encompassing the sharpest architects & developers, specialists from various verticals, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, represent the right chemistry to reflect on viable blockchain applications.

BIP001 is an exceptional concentration of acumen, allowing for knowledge-based, open and constructive explorations of value-generating blockchain technology.

Excellent conference where you could found a biggest concentration of the BlockChain/Crypto currency experts in one place. Friendly atmosphere, professional organizers and a free spirit of decentralized technologies in the air. Looking eagerly to the next BIP.

The main thing for me was being able to meet leading figures in the cryptocurrency world working in areas I knew little or nothing about. I learned a lot of interesting stuff. There was the right mix of talks, social events, and breaks with great food at a pleasant venue to make it enjoyable as well as educational.

This is the second Blockchain conference organized by Distributed Lab I’ve been to, and I loved every minute it. Great speakers, young men and women from all over the world working to change the financial industry as we know it.

If email is free, why shouldn’t sending and exchanging money be free also? This is the question founder of Distributed Lab asks, and I admire his vision.

The financial revolution is coming, and am happy to see talented young people from Ukraine being on the forefront of it.

BIP conferences are a must! The setting is exciting (in Ukraine I found a vibrant community and an extremely friendly institutional ecosystem for blockchain technologies, also due to the work of Distributed Lab), the conference itself is always very well organized, the quality of guests and speeches is high. And then you have the incredible, no-stop, pre-side-post-conference parties! A lot of fun, a lot of good technical information, a lot of connections with interesting people, a lot of enthusiasm.

Strictly in English. No simultaneous translation service is presupposed since this event is all about an active dialog among the participants