Blockchain Incredible Party

BIP 001: “Unlimited Edition!” Edition took place on 6th of July, 2017
in Odessa, M1 Club Hotel, 1, Lidersovskiy blvd, Odessa, 65000 Ukraine
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International Conference BIP 001 is a focused and compact meeting of blockchain professionals, dedicated to discussing application of Blockchain technology to existing problems in the society. The aim of the conference is to gather the greatest influencers within the blockchain space and combine several days of serious discussions with excellent networking.

This fifth #BIP001 conference is taking place in Odessa, a city that is very well known for its one of a kind atmosphere, delicious food, a spirit of freedom and beautiful people. That's where BIP001 started and where it became the best international blockchain conference in Eastern Europe. Join us to experience the unique hospitality, get to know prominent people from the industry and receive inspiration, great emotions and fantastic memories.

See you there!



July 5
Pre-party. Starts at 20:00
July 6
Conference at M1 Club Hotel, Lidersovskiy blvd, 1


Registration & welcome coffee
Conference opening remarks
Lilia Vershinina
A look at the current state of cryptoeconomics
Vlad Zamfir
To be announced
Pavel Kravchenko
Regulated computation with Principles
Charles Hoskinson
How could an ICO be (almost) legit and not a complete scam?
Giacomo Zucco
Coffee break
Blockpass - a blockchain identity protocol for the Internet of Everything
Hans Lombardo
Secret theme
Secret Speaker
How Bitcoin payroll & blockchain will affect the remote workforce
Jonathan Chester
“Blockchain 1.0, 2.0, X.0 .. what is next?”
Frank Roessig
Cryptofinance and the Importance of Privacy
Rob Viglione
"Nanopayments vs. Blockchain - let the battle begin"
Meinhard Benn
Crypto currencies - an investor's perspective
Frank Schwab
Coffee break
Panel Discussion: Enhancement of blockchain across the world
Alex Casas
Secret Speaker
Sasha Ivanov
Dominik Weil
Secret theme
Secret Speaker
Conference closing remarks
Lilia Vershinina
Roof Top Networking & live music
Ibiza open air night club. Bumboks concert
Lilia Vershinina

Please write to us if you want to become a speaker, sponsor or have any questions about the conference

1, Lidersovskiy blvd, Odessa, 65000 Ukraine


The organization of BIP event was impressive. It was truly inspiring to share thoughts and gather insights with such a great mix of sharp-minded blockchain experts. The spirit was super: open, collaborative, innovative, constructive and action-oriented. This combination motivates to come back to Ukraine again.

Excellent conference where you could found a biggest concentration of the BlockChain/Crypto currency experts in one place. Friendly atmosphere, professional organizers and a free spirit of decentralized technologies in the air. Looking eagerly to the next BIP.

The main thing for me was being able to meet leading figures in the cryptocurrency world working in areas I knew little or nothing about. I learned a lot of interesting stuff. There was the right mix of talks, social events, and breaks with great food at a pleasant venue to make it enjoyable as well as educational.

This is the second Blockchain conference organized by Distributed Lab I’ve been to, and I loved every minute it. Great speakers, young men and women from all over the world working to change the financial industry as we know it.

If email is free, why shouldn’t sending and exchanging money be free also? This is the question founder of Distributed Lab asks, and I admire his vision.

The financial revolution is coming, and am happy to see talented young people from Ukraine being on the forefront of it.

BIP conferences are a must! The setting is exciting (in Ukraine I found a vibrant community and an extremely friendly institutional ecosystem for blockchain technologies, also due to the work of Distributed Lab), the conference itself is always very well organized, the quality of guests and speeches is high. And then you have the incredible, no-stop, pre-side-post-conference parties! A lot of fun, a lot of good technical information, a lot of connections with interesting people, a lot of enthusiasm.

General Sponsor
Strictly in English. No simultaneous translation service is presupposed since this event is all about an active dialog among the participants