Blockchain Incredible Party

BIP 001: “And More!” Edition took place on 12th of January, 2017
in Kiev, Ukraine at Gulliver, Sportyvna Square, 1A
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International Conference BIP 001 is a focused and compact meeting of blockchain professionals, dedicated to discussing application of Blockchain technology to existing problems in the society. The aim of the conference is to gather the greatest influencers within the blockchain space and combine several days of serious discussions with excellent networking.

BIP 001 is going to take place this time in Kiev, a city that is very well known for its rich history, delicious food, a spirit of freedom and the biggest Blockchain community in Eastern Europe. The date of the event — 12th of January — was chosen not coincidentally. The capital of Ukraine will be in the middle of Christmas and New Year holidays celebration so the organizing team would love to offer the extension of holiday spirit and cultural insight in Orthodox Christmas celebration. Join us to experience the unique hospitality, get to know prominent people from the industry and receive inspiration, great emotions and fantastic memories.

See you there!


Lilia Vershinina

Please write to us if you want to become a speaker, sponsor or have any questions about the conference


This is the second Blockchain conference organized by Distributed Lab I’ve been to, and I loved every minute it. Great speakers, young men and women from all over the world working to change the financial industry as we know it.

If email is free, why shouldn’t sending and exchanging money be free also? This is the question founder of Distributed Lab asks, and I admire his vision.

The financial revolution is coming, and am happy to see talented young people from Ukraine being on the forefront of it.

Amazing conference, organization, location, and the speakers roster were absolutely perfect. Hope to be there next year!

#‎BIP001‬ conference is an unforgettable experience and a place where for several days blockchain world gets a bit centralised… I made a promise to attend the event even when I am 99… or more :) ‪#‎Distributedlab‬ thanks for what you do!

On the one side you have these huge blockchain conferences overflowing with people where everyone is just a ticket number and on the other side you have the BIP 001, a compact and exclusive conference which carefully cherry-picks the greatest influencers within the blockchain space. This concept combined with awesome locations makes the BIP 001 the shining stars amongst all conferences. The main day involves high focused and serious discussions, the other days are bringing networking to another level by making them casual.

BIP 001 was extremely well organized with countless top-class speakers. Intense discussions with leading personalities of the industry gave me a lot of inspiration and a better idea of the future development of blockchain technology. I will definitely attend again!

BIP conferences are a must! The setting is exciting (in Ukraine I found a vibrant community and an extremely friendly institutional ecosystem for blockchain technologies, also due to the work of Distributed Lab), the conference itself is always very well organized, the quality of guests and speeches is high. And then you have the incredible, no-stop, pre-side-post-conference parties! A lot of fun, a lot of good technical information, a lot of connections with interesting people, a lot of enthusiasm.

BIP 001 — is perfectly well organized event for professionals who on the wave of trend technologies. Improving our World we can find the way to use Blockchain instruments for different aspect of our life. Especially we concentrate on finance freedom, personal security and wide perspectives within usage of decentralized blockchain and centralized “standard” technologies convergence. As a Softinvest Holding we are very pleasured to visit all events hold by Distributed Lab — one of the leading company in Blockchain World.

General Sponsor
Strictly in English. No simultaneous translation service is presupposed since this event is all about an active dialog among the participants