Blockchain Incredible Party

BIP001 took place on July 1–2, 2015 in Odessa, Ukraine

International Conference BIP001 was initially intended to be a very cozy, intimate and small-format meeting of blockchain enthusiasts. But, instead, “That escalated quickly.” BIP001 is now going to be big, awesome and beyond amazing.

Along these lines, BIP originally stood for “Bitcoin Improvement Proposal”. But, since things have grown and changed, BIP now stands for “Blockchain Incredible Party”.

And, of course, Odessa is the ideal venue for such an extreme event. Odessa is very well known for perfect food, endless parties, a spirit of freedom, live music and the smell of fine coffee lingering in the air. There is one word that people experiencing the Odessa lifestyle use to describe their emotions — I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E. The team of organizers is in this very incredible mood and has been creating the most unforgettable event. BIP001 is going to set a new standard for hospitality, quality of presentations and discussions, emotions and fantastic memories.





Evgeniya Broshevan


Martin Albert

I have been to many bitcoin conferences, but this one was really special. Not only the title was promising, but also the speaker selection and organisation was extraordinary. I hope there will be a BIP002 soon.

Lawrence Nahum

I am very happy I attended the conference. Great talks, people, food and in general hospitality.

It was very interesting to hear a real time discussion between the regulators and exchanges and other bitcoin related services in one of the panels.

I found the conference very well organized and with just about the right amount of people for the venue and just about right topics and discussions.

Nicolas Bacca

BIP 001 lived up to it‘s Incredible promise — great conference, diverse topics & panels, top notch organization, food & parties. Please keep it up for 002.

Matej Michalko

This was the first Bitcoin conference having "Party" in its name I attended. As the name suggests, it was fun: pre-party, after-party, many great speakers, attendees and organisers.

Arne Daae Hopland

Attending the international conference #BIP001 — Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (turned #Blockchain Incredible Party) we learned that Ukraine is the de facto cryptocurrency hub of Eastern Europe and former Soviet Union countries. It has the largest #Bitcoin community in the region and the most locations where bitcoin can be bought per capita in the world. 40% of all transactions are performed via Bitcoin trading platforms that have Ukrainian roots, and 15% of all mining profits are collected by Ukrainians who are using their computing resources on Bitcoin.

With a lot of talented young people, Ukraine is one of the world leaders in IT outsourcing — with an even brighter future.

Daniel Neis

The BIP 001 Conference in Odessa was awesome: well organized, excellent line-up, good food and it created very valuable output plus potential business for KOINA. On top of that, I learned a lot about Ukraine and the warmth of the people as well as about good vodka. I would definitely come back for the BIP002 and can truly recommend the Mediterranean City of Odessa (hope we can pay with KOINA in Ukraine next time). The biggest learning though for me was that the digital Bohemian world does not know any borders or cultural frontiers. We are all humans, we are all the same and we are all one connected through technology now! Isn't that great? What an incredible achievement of humanity. Unfortunately, not everyone is understanding that, yet…

Sergiy Movchan

This was an amazing… something — something between an easy summer party and a hardcore tech conference. Interesting, thoughtful, warm and cozy. Totally worth being in Odessa these two days :) Many thanks to orgs! And I can’t wait for BIP002.

Alexander Vasylchenko

The event was well-organized and in a great location. The talks mixed with extended Q&A and interwoven with thematic panels created a very interactive atmosphere where all the participants were willing to engage. BIP001 is a great way to keep up with cutting edge projects and people in both Ukrainian and Worldwide scale. Thank you and hopefully till the next BIP release.

Johannes V. Schmitt

BIP001 was the best blockchain and bitcoin conference I have been too: extremely well organized, inrcedibly fun, small enough to get a chance to talk to everyone else and yet big enough to offer an exciting networking experience. I am grateful to the Distributed Lab team for putting together such a cool event in such a beautiful and special city, featuring a great list of speakers

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